Video projects

I have been making a number of experimental films to accompany some of the sound art and post rock pieces I have been working on.

The majority of the footage used in each video was not shot for any specific project. It was selected from hundreds of hours of footage shot as I traveled the world. Some of it was tourist footage; other pieces were simply something interesting or odd things that caught the eye at the time. The footage was shot on a range of digital cameras with a variety of qualities and compositions. Some of it is shaky, handheld and oddly composed.

This video features film shot in Tokyo around 8 years, mainly on the Yamonote Line

This film features footage shot around Europe (mainly Munich, Paris and on a boat to Dieppe)

Once again, filmed mainly in Paris with the final section filmed at Gare Du Nord

Loss 6.3 is the longest of the Loss pieces, clocking in at just under 10 minutes. All the footage in colour was shot in London and Paris. The black and white footage is found material from archive sex education and sexploitation films. The first film is called ‘Sex Madness’ – a public domain film from 1938 which you can download from the Internet Archive. The second film is an educational film called ‘Human Reproduction’ also available from the Prelinger Archive as public domain.

Filmed crossing the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo nearly 10 years ago

Filmed at the creek just down the street from where I grew up and back in my home and London, this is the first and only use of the obligatory plastic bag

Featuring some very old footage shot in a club in Hamburg (where First Aid Kit were playing) and some recent footage in bar in Tufnell Park.

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