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Peter Bryant is the alter ego of DJ Ringfinger, a London based sound collage maker, radio announcer and musician. He rarely ventures out into the day. He rarely ventures out into the night. Actually, we are not really sure where he ventures at all. Mainly to record stores, thrift shops and roadside rubbish dumps to find the source material for this odd listening, we guess.

His work, under the collective title ‘fabrication de bruit’ explores the boundaries between tastes. fabrication de bruit finds strange, personal, lost, burnt, fresh and uncomfortable sounds and combines them into pieces different from the whole. look for the key words — found sound, outsider, new composts, forgotten old, strange exotica, confronting and extant, warm and thick, broken and rusty.

He has been making media for nearly 30 years starting with sound collages at school. After a long career in community radio in Sydney he developed the taste for no longer simply playing other peoples music, but creating and making his own. The gestation of the soundscape style of the sounds originated 7 years ago in the bedroom of Peter’s flat in Petersham, Australia, with bass guitar, an old casiotone keyboard and a borrowed delay unit as his only instruments. Once he started working with found sounds as part of his old radio show ‘fabrication de bruit’, linking and fracturing the op-shop and outsider music he was playing, he saw an application to the formative idea he had for linking a number of half sketched pieces of writing in his trusty Moleskine, and they became integral to his early work. Drum beats from clanking escalators, church bells ringing 360 degrees around a city, the click-clack of heels on a cobbled street, train announcements at Gare du Nord in Paris and Pachinko parlours in Ikebukuro. Now based in his flat in London, the sounds have grown more sonically complex, and drawn from a variety of digital and analogue instruments.

Most recently, he has been exploring both creatively and academically the idea of the digital stranger (see these posts on his academic blog to look more deeply at the theory and discourse underpinning this theme).  This has resulted in the new piece ‘How do I know any of this is real?’ which recently has been selected for the PNEM sound art festival in the Netherlands.  Peter is scoping his next multimedia project, provisionally a follow up to the Loss project, involving a video/sound installation and an extensive spoken word component.


As a sideline, Peter is also a DJ.  Playing mainly French ye-ye, freak and library sounds from the sixties and alongside his loyal compadres (DJ SCSI-b and DJ Kurac), he has worked the wheels of steel in Sydney, Brisbane, The Hague and New York City.

You call follow Peter on Twitter – @djringfinger and can contact him through this site or via twitter.

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